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I loved The Postpartum Academy- it was easy and convenient to do from home while my baby was sleeping. My stomach separation healed quickly and my body returned back to normal faster than my 3 previous births. I feel stronger and fitter than before I fell pregnant!

– Kaylee Brown

The Postpartum Academy is a godsend for anyone with a newborn who is itching to get back into exercise. The 20-30 minute programs mean that I can easily fit a session into my day while baby sleeps, or watches along (and toddler joins in!). It has done wonders not only for my body, feeling stronger by the session, but also my mental health in knowing I am taking some time for myself each day, and getting my body back in shape.

– Sarah Howley

Having my two boys naturally and only 18 months apart made me concerned about my postpartum recovery. The Postpartum Academy was the best way forward! It gave me all the advice I needed and without leaving the house (which is especially difficult with two small children and in the midst of a global pandemic). The Pilates classes not only helped me with my abdominal separation but were the best way to reintroduce myself back into exercise. I plan on making them an ongoing part of my exercise routine even after my body has recovered. Thank you Anna and The Postpartum Academy!

– Bec Littler

After a tough twin pregnancy, early postpartum was hard and slow, but The Postpartum Academy has been so useful to optimise my recovery. I am now pretty confident I will be back to 100% physical strength (which I thought would be a miracle!) and I am sure this could never happen without Anna’s help. I highly recommend her postpartum program!

– Krystel Mittenacht

I signed up to The Postpartum Academy after a 1:1 appointment with Anna as I was keen to get back to exercise but really didn’t know how or where to start. Postpartum activity, recovery & exercise is a very niche area, and needs to be handled with care & knowledge that so few have. Anna & her Postpartum Academy has this knowledge and has taken me from the very basics of getting back into exercise in a safe and supported way that allowed my body to continue the delicate healing process, to a place that I feel like my (new) self again.

Anna is a wealth of knowledge, and the information available in the Academy is so useful; not just for returning to exercise but all aspects of recovering & healing from birth. Anna has made the exercises short and sharp but effective which means they’re easy to fit into my busy day or do together with bub! I HIGHLY recommend The Postpartum Academy to anyone who is about to or has recently given birth, to help guide and support you through a beautifully chaotic time of finding your new self!

– Jess Banoford

I started to use The Postpartum Academy at around 4 weeks as I was feeling lethargic, sore and generally exhausted. I found it to be a fantastic tool, not only in gently getting me back into moving but in terms of slowly aiding my body to recover.

The exercises were really simple and it was easy to follow Anna’s lead, plus they were a really great way to take 15mins to myself and focus on my body & recovery. My boys often joined in and as the weeks passed I progressed through each stage and found it was great at helping me with directional rehabilitation. 

I highly recommend this to other women regardless of their birth experience, it’s a fantastic tool for busy mums x

– Millie Blight

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