About Anna

Hi lovely,

My name is Anna Scammell

I’m a Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist in Sydney, Australia.

It’s my mission to educate & empower new mums to be the healthiest, strongest version of themselves post-pregnancy & birth.

Anna Scammell

I teach THOUSANDS of postnatal women about...

Because every new mum deserves to know this information, I have combined my expertise, the expertise of other health professionals & evidence based research into one convenient digital program

This online program will give you the knowledge & exercises you need to have an empowered, stronger postpartum recovery!


Now, you’re probably thinking “this all sounds great, but the Internet is flooded with unqualified people, promising unrealistic results, so can I trust Anna?”

The answer is…YES! You can absolutely trust me.

Here are my qualifications to prove it:

Not only am I qualified to teach you The Postpartum Academy, but I also have 13+ years of clinical experience under my belt. I have worked in a range of different clinics over the years & started my own Women’s Health business 8+ years ago.

Currently my week is filled with…

Hopefully by now you can tell that I am the real deal! An Expert Health Practitioner who is passionate about helping women, like you, feel empowered to be the best version of herself.

Because, you absolutely deserve it!

Anna x

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