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This online platform provides…

Essential expert education to help you navigate every stage of your postpartum recovery starting day 1 post-birth
A complete recovery exercise program focused on healing your abdominal separation & pelvic floor from week 1 post-birth

Designed with sleep-deprived mamas in mind, every exercise video is around 20 minutes long so it’s achievable to fit into your day!

pregnancy recovery

The Postpartum Academy has been created for new mamas recovering from a vaginal birth and caesarean section

Every new mum deserves to be informed & supported during this transformational time of life…not left to your own devices. The Postpartum Academy will not only give you a greater understanding & respect for your body, but will teach you how to regain your strength safely so you can feel more yourself again.

What you will learn in this program…

birth recovery
postpartum pilates

What sets The Postpartum Academy apart?

pregnancy recovery

What’s inside The Postpartum Academy?

14 x modules with educational videos from Anna & other experts
Each with downloadable PDF summaries & audio

26 x Physio-led Pilates videos over 6 x levels

Access to Anna throughout the program

Membership to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions & bond with other new mamas

Lifetime access…
so you can use this again & again with each baby!

Let’s take a closer look into each module...

birth recovery

Meet the Expert behind
The Postpartum Academy

Hi lovely, my name is Anna Scammell.

I’m a Masters-trained Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist with 13+ years experience. So let’s just say you’re in very good hands!

I believe there’s a major gap in the education & exercises new mums are given compared to what they NEED & DESERVE to ensure a smoother, faster recovery. That’s why I have put together this comprehensive online program.

So far I have educated & empowered THOUSANDS of new mums during their recovery post-birth…and now it’s your turn to experience the same.

Hope to see you inside The Academy! 🙂

Anna x

Our Expert Contributors

These leading health experts share their wisdom in exclusive videos interviews providing you with holistic education & advice in their field of specialty.

Dr Sneha Wadhwani

Dr Sneha Wadhwani

Holistic General Practitioner

Kristin Cornett

Kristin Cornett


Cathy Schott

Cathy Shortt

Lactation Consultant & Midwife

Jodie Warburton

Jodie Warburton

Newborn Sleep Consultant & Midwife

Kirsty Levin

Kirsty Levin

Psychologist & Career Coach

Lana Sussman

Lana Sussman

Social Worker & Psychotherapist

Isiah McKimmie

Isiah McKimmie

Sexologist & Couples Therapist

How much are we talking?

This comprehensive education + exercise program with all your postpartum needs is…

Just $297

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Got a burning question?

Anytime! Since the program includes information for immediately after birth, you can start it at the end of your pregnancy or straight after birth.

Alternatively if you are weeks or months postpartum, you can start the program now, as it covers essential education & exercises to guide your recovery from when you have the capacity or motivation to start.

Once you sign up you will get a login & password sent to your email so you can access the Academy immediately! You then make your way through the modules at your own pace.

Yourself, your laptop or phone. 

In some exercise videos you will need a theraband, roller, light dumbbells (or water bottle/can) & plastic bag.

You bet! If you are several months postpartum & just starting to get back into exercise or still struggle with abdominal separation or pelvic floor issues, then this program is the perfect guide to build your strength safely.

No! Commonly second time mums wish they knew more the first time & did things differently, so this program gives every mum the opportunity to have the best recovery possible. 

I created this program knowing that you have a brand new bub taking up a lot of your time! Most of the educational videos are between 10-30 minutes long, but some of the interviews are longer. These you can watch or listen to when you’re feeding bub. 

The exercise videos are around 20 minutes long as I wanted them to be achievable for you to fit into your day.

I highly recommend you watch all the videos, but if you’re struggling with time, you can download the Summary Sheets.

You will be given exercises & strategies to implement into your life to help optimise your recovery.

It’s an education AND exercise program because you need both to have an empowered recovery.

Nope. Having a face-to-face appointment with a qualified Women’s Health Physio at 6 weeks postpartum is essential so they can assess your pelvic floor, any scar tissue and abdominal separation.

Whilst I think this program is the bees knees, I understand that you can’t please everyone. If you are unsatisfied with the program then I will refund your money.

You bet you can!

If you live in Sydney, you have 2 options:

  • Home visits: I bring the appointment to your home (inner suburbs around Sydney). This is a very convenient option when you have a new baby. 
  • Clinic: You can book an appointment at Sevenways Health Centre in North Bondi on 9365 4059.

If you live outside of Sydney:

  • Online Consults: We connect over zoom & I give you individualized advice & education. If you’re rural or overseas & don’t have access to a Women’s Health Physio, this option is for you!

If the above answers didn’t cut the mustard, then please feel free to shoot me your question below…

Prioritise your post-baby recovery today.


One-off payment of
4 x payments of

Module 1:

Postpartum Recovery

This module will teach you exactly how to look after your body in the first 6 weeks so you can have the best recovery possible without any setbacks. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of your postpartum body & the changes it’s going through on a hormonal & physiological level.

Module 2:

Vaginal Birth Recovery

This module dives into the specifics of recovering from a vaginal birth & exactly what you need to do to ensure you optimally care for your pelvic floor & perineum. This information is essential for ALL women post-vaginal birth, regardless if you’ve had an episiotomy, perineal tear or no stitches.

Module 3:

C-Section Recovery

Since a c-section is major abdominal surgery, it’s imperative that you learn strategies to reduce pain & streamline your recovery. In this module you will also be taught how to do scar tissue massage to encourage healing of your c-section incision & lower abdomen.

Module 4:

Pelvic Floor & Core

Your pelvic floor & deep abdominal muscles are foundational to your recovery following pregnancy & birth. Understanding these muscles & how to activate them correctly is essential to regaining your strength & preventing unwanted issues. In this module you will also learn how to assess your own pelvic floor after 6 weeks postpartum.

Module 5:

Newborn Essentials

Newborns might not come with an instruction manual, but this module is the next best thing! Experts on breastfeeding & newborn sleep will tell you what you need to know to make your transition into motherhood a smoother one.

Module 6:

Abdominal Separation

Find out strategies to heal your abdominal separation (diastasis) so you can rebuild your core stability & feel stronger quicker. You will also learn how to assess your own abdominal separation & how to make sure an exercise is safe for your recovery.

Module 7:

Prolapse & Bladder Issues

Prolapse & bladder issues (such as reduced bladder sensation & leakage) are very common postpartum, so it’s imperative you know how to help prevent & manage these issues. Even if you don’t have any symptoms now, pelvic floor issues can occur later down the track so this knowledge is definitely worth having now!

Module 8:

Bowel Health

When recovering from birth, one thing you definitely want to avoid is constipation! The tips, tricks & strategies you will learn in this module will make a huge difference to your bowel health & therefore your pelvic floor health.

Module 9:


Postpartum nutrition is commonly overlooked but is such an essential component of optimal recovery. This module uncovers what you should be eating to nourish yourself & your baby, promote healing, and to optimise healthy weight loss.

Module 10:

Well-being & Relationships

Childbirth & the postpartum period can have a significant impact on your mental & emotional wellbeing. This module will shed light on many unspoken but crucial topics including – birth trauma; overwhelm; identity shifts and relationship changes – giving you practical strategies to manage these.

Module 11:

Women’s Health Physio Assessment

At 6 weeks postpartum every woman needs to have an assessment with a Women’s Health Physio. This module explains why this assessment is so vital & what to expect in the session.

Module 12:

Returning to Sex

Sex after having a baby can be daunting & rightly so. This module will unravel everything you & your partner need to consider before & during sex to ensure you are prepared both physically & mentally.

Module 13:

Exercise Guidelines >6 weeks

Once you reach 6 weeks post-birth there are some common guidelines to follow in regards to general exercise. This module explains optimal recommendations & tips to help you achieve your exercise goals safely without jeopardizing your pelvic floor or abdominal muscle recovery.

Module 14:

Pilates Program

This module is your complete recovery program! It goes through safe mat-based exercises to do from week 1 post-birth to several months down the track. It starts with Core Foundations and then progresses you through to Level 5 Pilates using a mix of no equipment & small equipment. All exercises are Physio-led so are mindfully curated to strengthen you from the inside out, focusing on healing your pelvic floor & abdominal muscles.